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Home cleaning is most likely a task that every stay-home mom hates to do, however it is something that one can't try to escape from. This really is all the more true if you ask any mom who has children in the home. For children, particularly those of the age 2 and below, living-room is their playground and they spend a lot of time on the floor. They are at this when brain development is occurring at prolific rate which leads to high level of curiosity  This means that they will lay their hands on any thing that they encountered and many toddlers want to put things into their mouths. Now, that is regarding the visible things that can be very dangerous. Elements which are invisible to the naked eye for example bacteria and bacteria can be equally, if not, more potent. 

I'm a mother with two children and I share the plight that every mother has to undergo in regards to household tasks. You can hire a nanny or domestic helper to help you look after the home but that is provided you're rich enough. For many people who don't have such advantage, we need some sort of reliable assistant. For me (which I think most of you'd agree), vacuum cleaner is the next-best thing that we will get our hands on. 

Finding a vacuum that lives up to one's expectation is not as trivial as it appears. Maybe I had been too naive previously. Maybe I had been too trusting to the sales guy in the department store. Maybe I had been too easily sold by the advertising taglines used by a number of the vacuum makers. In the past 5 years alone, I have changed my vacuum cleaner 4 times. Any primary kid could do the maths which simply means that I have had to change my vacuum cleaner one or more times annually. To be precise, the first three vacuums only lasted less than 9 months each. After three attempts, I finally found one that can last for more than 2 yrs. Honestly speaking, the cleaner that I'm using presently does its work quite well and I am pleased with it. 

I will not dwell on my previous painful experiences in selecting a vacuum cleaner. Something I know without a doubt is as mother with young kids and toddlers, time is a luxury and there is little we are able to spare to do intensive product research. This has led a lot of us to put our blind confidence on thearound the manufacturer but the sad truth is marketing campaigns frequently contain more overblown facts than truth. For me, they often over-promise and under deliver. 

I don't make vacuum cleaners and I have no clue regarding the engineering that goes into the building of vacuum cleaners and therefore I dare not claim myself to be a vacuum expert. But being an owner of three vacuum models that failed after 9 months and a mom with young toddlers, I know what matters most in choosing the right vacuum cleaner. I hope the experiences that I share in my weblog can lessen the pain that every busy mom needs to undergo in selecting their vacuum cleaners.
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