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I am a regular gal that is similar to nearly all of other gals in lots of ways. I graduated from college and fresh after college, I plunged to the corporate realm. If you think I'd resemble Melissa Mayer and hold important ranks, then you're mistaken. I'm just the average worker who cannot wait for the hour to hit past 5 each day. 

For 15 years, I let myself be in that situation. Not so long ago, I eventually had the courage to express enough is enough and call it quit. I'm maybe not the very first one to embark on this life-changing switch as many of my buddies have made it before me. Actually, I am among the later ones. 

Well, all my entire life, I realize that I love home interior design. I'm not sure who to put the blame on but I did not pursue a qualification in this field. If only I can travel back in time. For fifteen years, I had no choice as I need the money to survive (who would not need right?). 

The turning-point for me was when a buddy of mine handed me two DVDs. The first movie is 'Eat Pray Love' starring Julia Roberts and the other movie is 'Julie and Julia.' You can find few moments in the movies where it really touched me so deeply. One of them is where Julie was so stressed out with her work not because of her own making, but a thing that is beyond her control. The other one is where she decided to eventually say enough is enough. 

Without formal degree in home decoration, I know my options is going to be limited but it is very much the same scenario that Julie was in when she wanted to follow her love for cooking and yet she'd no culinary qualification. I've recently started my very own weblog about festive decorations and I am determined to keep the momentum going. I know there are lots of others who have started similar website but art is an art and everyone has a unique taste. 

If you think there is any way we are able to forge a working relationship together, do drop me a line and I am always opened to explore any opportunity.
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