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Welcome!  I'm a Visual Artist, Website Designer, Home Stager, and Blogger.  I enjoy Christmas holiday decorating, baking, researching real estate, working with software, reading, blogging, painting pottery, painting furniture, staging real estate, gardening, landscaping, creating videos & digital designing, among other creative activities. Being so visually-oriented, I enjoy creating beauty, where possible & appreciating beauty that already exists, aged or new.  Combining beauty & excellent functionality is bliss!   Also, I enjoy featuring other designers' beautiful work(s), This is Where Brains & Beauty Mix.

The Goals:

  • Deliver online-business value to my clients, via their website.  Building my clients' site with their customers in mind is the 'Win-Win-Win'.
  • Create beautiful, visually merchandised spaces that convey positive messages about their place to the viewer/buyer.
  • Create custom abstracts, storybook murals with hand-painted, furniture accessories for unique visual art in the home.

Thank-you for visiting my site(s). I am looking forward to creating beautiful spaces, things & places for you online and off-line.  Have a heavenly week!
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