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Dr. Aaron Rabinovich brings more than a
decade of medical training and experience to his position as a general
surgeon with Parkview Physician Group in Bryan, Ohio. An alumnus of
Wayne State University in Michigan, he graduated with a doctor of
medicine and a bachelor of science in biology. After completing a
surgical resident program at Henry Ford Hospital, Dr. Aaron Rabinovich
underwent a fellowship in clinical surgery at Children’s Hospital of
Michigan. The doctor completed his training with a surgery residency
program at the Indiana School of Medicine Department of Surgery.

to advancing medical research, Dr. Rabinovich earned a variety of
distinctions for his research and presentations. His work has appeared
in several prominent medical publications, including The American
Surgeon, Hepatology, and the American Journal of Transplantation. In
2002 and 2003, he earned the Best presentation in transplantation award
from the Michigan chapter of the American College of Surgery. He has
also taught at John Hopkins Medical School and The Commonwealth Medical
College. A respected member of the medical community, he maintains board
certification in surgery and belongs to several prominent medical

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