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The biography of Charles Rosier 

Since 2010, Charles Rosier has been a Partner of BTG Pactual, in charge of developing the investment bank’s  international relations and operations.

In addition to his professional activities, Charles Rosier is committed to environmental protection and humanitarian causes.

Charles Rosier supports Innoveox, a company which has developed a clean waste treatment technology based on Hydrothermal Oxidation. Innoveox focuses on the industrial sector, particularly on the treatment of oils, solvents, corrosive or resistant
products, pesticides and various complex waste deemed hazardous to our health. 

Charles Rosier also sat on the advisory board of NatureRights, an NGO devoted to the preservation of Nature by citizens.

Charles Rosier supports the social business MPOWERD, which produces well-priced, easy
to use solar-powered lanterns for communities in need in developing countries as well as for eco-responsible consumers in industrialised countries. (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/05/26/luci-a-revolutionary-solar-powered-lantern-that-shines-a-light-on-poverty.html). And http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/charles-rosier-to-support-mpowerds-luci-lantern-lighting-up-the-city-of-lights-210241661.html

Charles Rosier also supports the medical research and development work conducted by Professor Baulieu, member of the Collège de France and former President of the French Academy of Science, through the firm Mapreg and the Baulieu Institute. His work on neurodegenerative diseases puts Professor Baulieu on the forefront of progress on cures for Alzheimer’s, strokes and depression.

Charles Rosier obtained his scientific Baccalaureate with honours from Fénelon Sainte-Marie College, in Paris, in 1991. He then joined the higher education institute Intégrale, where he took two years of preparatory classes for the top business schools. Charles Rosier was then accepted to ESCP Europe business school in 1993 from which he received his « Grande Ecole » degree in 1996.

Fluent in French, English and Spanish, Charles Rosier is currently learning Portuguese. 
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