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Dirk Kettlewell: A Winning Team at Work

Dirk Kettlewell has worked in the retail industry since his teenage years. This has lead him to understand how important it is for business owners to build a winning team at work. Much business success relies heavily on this fact. Team building exercises can play a very important role in building a winning team. By thinking of your employees needs and wants allows you to start thinking in terms of your customers.

Use your strengths in order to bring out the best in your employees. Be sure that you only focus on your strengths and avoid focusing on your weaknesses. Your employees need you to be their leader and you must show that you have solid strengths. Through the years, Dirk Kettlewell has lead many teams and knows that being a strong leader can be the foundation of building a winning team. Commitment is important. You, as the leader, should live by your mission, and you will see that your team will follow suit. With cooperation, the whole team will become greater than the individual. Communication is also necessary. Be sure that you are providing all of the necessary information. Cooperation is also a key ingredient in building a winning team.

Dirk Kettlewell: Motivation in the Workplace

Motivating a team is something that Dirk Kettlewell has come to learn throughout his business experience. He has learned to reward individuals and the team as whole for achieving goals and tasks. The members of your team want to feel that they are making a difference. Any efforts that they make are not just about your business, but they are also about their own pride, and having their work mean something to someone. A good leader will let them see clearly the value of what they are doing and why it does matter. You should let them feel the pride in their success.
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