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Dr. Lawrence Markovitz, MD, possesses over two decades of
experience as a thoracic surgeon. He began his work in cardiac surgery
at The Valley Hospital in New Jersey before moving onto Wisconsin’s
Midelfort Clinic, which is owned by the well-known Mayo Clinic, in 1995.
In this role, Dr. Lawrence Markovitz, MD, also served as Chairman of
Cardiac Thoracic Surgery and gained recognition for achieving the lowest
coronary bypass mortality rate in Wisconsin in 2000.

A graduate
of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Markovitz completed residencies
in general and cardiothoracic surgery. He also participated in three
clinical and research fellowships, including one in adult and pediatric
open heart surgery at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. In addition, his
work has appeared in several publications, including Annals of Thoracic
Surgery, The American Surgeon, Endocrine Practice, and the Mount Sinai
Journal of Medicine, among others. Lawrence Markovitz, MD, has also made
several professional presentations in his areas of specialty at both
national and international conferences.

Now based in northern
Virginia, Dr. Markovitz provides innovative treatment methods for vein
disorders and symptoms. His practice, Virginia Vein Care in McLean and
Purcellville, uses advanced medical technology to perform
minimally-invasive procedures. A board-certified surgeon, he holds
membership in the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and is a Fellow of the
American College of Surgeons.

In his spare time, Lawrence
Markovitz, MD, enjoys a variety of sports including football, baseball,
and skiing. Above all, he considers spending time with family to be his
top priority. He and his wife, Andrea, are the parents of three sons.
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