website & business card DooID merges customizable websites with full-blown virtual business cards - including vCard download.
Feel free to display all the contact information you want to share, from phone numbers to physical addresses.
professional themes Choose if you want to fully customize your page design or apply and personalize one of our professional themes - an option no similar service offers.
We make it as easy as it gets to create a good looking personal website.
more connected services DooID provides the widest range of social media services to connect with. Select your favorites among more than 70 applications (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).
direct links No antiquated feeds or confusing popup windows. DooID displays your latest post (RSS enabled services) and links directly to the corresponding profile, avoiding any kind of distraction.
free mobile version And yes, we deliver a free mobile version of the created website - for everyone.

Some sites made with DooID 4.0:

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