Emblez Longoria

Emblez Longoria
For more than two decades, Emblez Longoria has enjoyed an outstanding career in crime prevention. Currently, Mr. Longoria serves as a Senior Security Consultant with Verizon Communications. In this role, he has investigated and solved a wide range of cases involving employee misconduct. Cases have dealt with issues of theft, workplace violence, and fraud. Emblez Longoria protects company assets such as personnel, information, and infrastructure.

While working with Verizon, Mr. Longoria spent two years on the Professional Certification Board at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International, which serves to advance security worldwide. Before joining the board, Mr. Longoria spent six years on the ASIS Crime and Loss Prevention Council. Over the course of his involvement with the council, Mr. Longoria held a number of posts, including Vice Chairman and Chairman.
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