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Over the past four years, Jason Fitzgerald Korb of Washington, DC,
has established himself through his work in a variety of areas of law.
Most recently, Jason Fitzgerald Korb served as a Law Clerk at the Argus
Technical Services Corporate Attorney's Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
There, he was responsible for providing support during hearings and
settlement negotiations for cases relating to disability and
discrimination claims. He also developed corporate policies and
researched corporate obligations under a variety of new laws.

Korb's first legal position was as a Law Clerk for the City of Denver
Attorney's Office in Bloomington, Minnesota. There, he assisted in a
variety of hearings and conducted research on both the trial and
appellate levels. In 2009, Jason Korb spent several months as a Judicial
Intern under Judge Kerry Meyer in the Minneapolis Juvenile Court while
also serving as a Clinic Law Student in the City of Bloomington
Attorney's Office.

After this, Mr. Korb became a Law Clerk at
the City of Minneapolis Attorney's Office where he focused on civil
rights and employment law. In 2009, Jason Fitzgerald Korb continued his
interest in civil rights and interned at the Minnesota Department of
Human Rights. In 2010, he joined the American Civil Liberties Union of
Minnesota as a Law Clerk.

Prior to launching his law career,
Jason Fitzgerald Korb graduated cum laude from Boston University with a
degree in Business Administration and Management. He went on to complete
his Juris Doctorate at the University of Minnesota, where he once again
graduated cum laude.

In his spare time, Jason Fitzgerald Korb
enjoys mountain climbing, writing, reading, weightlifting, and biking.
He also participates in a kickball league in Washington, DC.

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  • Law Clerk 20016, Washington Distric of Columbia, USA
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