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An accomplished bodybuilder and fitness model who trains six days
every week, Juan Carlos Ballivian has been featured in a number of
well-known bodybuilding and fitness publications, including Reps, Planet
Muscle, Muscle-Mag, and others. Mr. Ballivian, an award-winning
heavyweight division bodybuilder, was the subject of Muscle and Fitness
magazine’s Fill Your Sleeves issue, in which he guided readers through a
four-week training regimen for building the chest and arms. With a
competition weight of 225 pounds on a 5-foot-10-inch frame, Mr.
Ballivian maintains an ideal weight for traditional bodybuilders. His
off-season weight is consistently between 230 and 240 pounds.

Carlos Ballivian is a self-employed personal trainer who received his
certification at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. He continues to
increase his knowledge of fitness by attending numerous seminars and
continuing education events. He is actively involved in guiding each
client toward their personal fitness goals, including not only exercise
but proper nutrition and healthy supplementation.

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