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An entrepreneur based in Canada, Mark McLeary founded two
successful companies, the Silver Sun Resource Corporation and McLeary
Capital Management. After establishing the latter company in 1996 to
assist clients with their finances, he earned the Chartered Financial
Planner designation from the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners
and the Certified Financial Planner designation from the Financial
Planners Standards Council of Canada. Mark McLeary's company partnered
with North American Life and Manufacturers Life to help place life
insurance, group health, and disability policies with clients. Over more
than 15 years in business, the company supported hundreds of customers
and directed millions of dollars in assets.

In 2007, Mark McLeary
established the Enviro Energy Capital Corporation to recapture waste
hydrogen and purify the gas. However, he soon took the company in a new
direction, renaming it the Silver Sun Resource Corporation. The company
seeks out precious metals opportunities in North America. So far, Silver
Sun Resource has acquired a silver mine in the Zacatecas area of Mexico
and the historic Cherry Hill Mine in Yreka, California. In addition to
his two companies, Mr. McLeary also owns Yreka's Miner Street Sports

A family man, Mark McLeary resides in North Vancouver with
his wife and two children. He holds a continuing interest in hockey,
which he played throughout his childhood at the North Shore Winter Club
and into his adulthood as a member of the Western Hockey League.

investors can learn more about Mark McLeary’s Silver Sun Resource
Corporation, its projects, and its management online at
www.silversunresource.com. Interested parties can direct questions to
the company by phone at 604-678-2531 or by e-mail at

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  • Silver Sun Resource Corp http://markmcleary.org President / CEO V6C 1T2, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
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