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National Mediation Group was founded by professionals who wanted to take a different approach to the way things are done in the accounts receivables industry. The goal was more than that, though: not only did they want to make these innovations, they also wanted these innovations to be effective. They wanted the innovations to be more than good ideas on paper. They wanted to create a service that was superior to all others.

They have largely succeeded. Between their motivation and their expertise, they have arrived at a level of service that is unequaled in the industry. This is not something that has gone unnoticed. The largest payday loan companies in the country have decided to use National Mediation GroupĆ¢€™s services, largely because of the effectiveness of their policies.

National Mediation Group is a principled company that is guided by professional integrity and efficiency. They seek the best solutions that are the most in line with what the client needs from them.
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