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As President and CEO of St. Louis-based Tri-National, Inc., Robert
Rogulic leads a firm with six operational hubs throughout Texas,
Missouri, and Arkansas. The company takes pride in facilitating
uninterrupted transportation spanning Canada, Mexico, and the central
United States. Robert Rogulic and his team have experience in all
aspects of trans-border shipping, including customs and freight
forwarding, and also provide focused import-export consulting services.

Rogulic actively seeks out ways to help companies grow through
deploying the right mix of technology, equipment, and drivers.
Comfortably providing solutions for any size of fleet, Tri-National
develops custom strategies for controlling costs and maximizing use of
existing fleet resources. Robert Rogulic’s solutions encompass inbound,
outbound, and round trip shipments, and include time sensitive and
just-in-time operations. As a result, clients are able to effectively
manage risk and spend less time managing complex fleet activities on a
daily basis.

Robert Rogulic’s team ensures efficient and
reliable truckload delivery through a state-of-the-art satellite
tracking system that is tied to an electronic data interchange platform.
Mr. Rogulic also offers backhaul support and temporary fleet
augmentation solutions that enable clients to replace their private
fleets. Tri-National’s full range of services extends to corporate
driver uniforms and logo placement on vehicles.

Robert Rogulic
takes pride in his company’s community involvement and directs more than
$10,000 in contributions to the Kilo Diabetes & Vascular Research
Foundation each year. An avid hunter and National Rifle Association
member, Robert Rogulic has achieved Boone & Crockett Club
recognition for one of the all-time largest antelopes shot.

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  • 314-739-5933
  • 800-870-0560
  • Tri-National, Inc. http://www.tri-nat.com/ President, CEO, & Founder 13397 Lakefront Dr., Suite 200 63045 Earth City Missouri USA
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