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I'm a graduated active and dynamic videomaker that wants to espress creativity and sensations through the audio-visual element, also thanks to the experiences gained in music,musical and theatre productions, and modeling.
During my international working experience in companies like BBC and Dieci&Lode i've learnt how to create an audio visual project starting from the information the client gives me, analising the type of format, images and musics to use to impress the target customer the client wants to impress;
Through the analysis on set of the images and frames to shoot, careful and accurate research and study of the musics I'm going to use in the video, in relation to the feelings and the messages the client wants me to transmit, I can create commercials, videoclips, documentaries and TV formats that fit perfectly with the client's ideal media profile.

Contact me at me@silvialozza.co.uk
Twitter: @silviavideos
Facebook: facebook.com/silvialozzavideos
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  • London
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